Exploring your destination’s fascinating culture doesn’t end when you leave each port of call as Viking River has entertainment onboard.

After 26 years of crafting itineraries for The Thinking Person, Viking River has developed a deep understanding of the unique, inquisitive nature of our guests – and the result is a carefully crafted cultural enrichment and entertainment program.

Onboard cultural enrichment

Viking River offers world-class lectures from authors and archaeologists to artists that shed light on your destination’s art, music, architecture and more, tastings of vintage wines, cooking demonstrations and a vast selection of fascinating books expertly curated by London’s prestigious bookshop Haywood Hill. 

Destination Performances

Each Viking itinerary includes one or more destination performances whether it’s Portuguese fado music or a Viennese opera. From local ensembles to acclaimed choirs, we invite a wide range of talented musicians on board our ships to perform for you.


Learn about the time-honoured traditions of local artisans, from glassblowing and lace making to silkscreen printing and wooden shoe making.

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