Explore magnificent castles, historic towns and verdant vineyards as you explore the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers.

You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy-tale. If you are planning your first Scenic river cruise or next, this will ensure it won’t be your last as you explore Germany, Austria, Hungary and the Netherlands.

Alternatively, discover the gems of Portugal’s Douro Valley with its delightful cobblestone villages and family-run quintas. And, ideal for lovers of the finer things in life, the culinary and historic delights of France will inspire as you sail the Bordeaux, Seine, Rhône and Saône in all-inclusive ultra-luxury.

Jewels of Europe

Experience Europe from a luxurious new perspective as you cruise through the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers. Discover the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Hungary in all-inclusive luxury. Meander the grand palaces, romantic towns and fairytale castles along the ancient trade route. You’ll encounter the very best that Europe has to offer.

A Scenic space ship on a river in Europe
Jewels of Europe Scenic

Romantic Rhine & Moselle

There’s a fairytale moment waiting just beyond the next river bend. The castles that grace this region sometimes seem as if they were lifted straight from the silver screen. From Lorelei, the Rhine River siren said to lure sailors to their demise, to the legendary Black Forest, which still resonates with imaginative children’s tales, there are stories of romances galore to discover and delight in. You may even compose a few new ones of your own.

A castle on the Moselle River with a ship in the background
Scenic on the Moselle River

Danube in Depth

Perfectly preserved medieval buildings, idyllic forested hillsides and a rich culture that has evolved throughout a century of poignant war memories set the scene for remarkable discoveries along Europe’s second largest river, the Danube. Explore in depth with Scenic’s new 2024 itinerary.

A Scenic ship on the Wachau Valley
A Scenic ship on the Wachau Valley