All the excursions and extensions offered by Hurtigruten Expeditions as part of your expedition cruise is run by suppliers in each destination that you visit.

Each excursion and extension is carefully handpicked to ensure you experience the best of the bunch. This means you’ll get an authentic experience delivered by local experts who are truly in the know. It also means you’ll be helping support livelihoods and local economy in communities.

Aside from all the activities and excursions already included, there are also 300+ optional excursions that you can pick from, as well as pre and post-extensions in destinations across four continents.

Here are a mere few examples of the added fun you can have: snorkelling in crystal clear waters in the Caribbean; sleeping in a tent close to thousands of penguins in Antarctica; seeing the Northern Lights on a dogsledding trip or from a snowmobile in the Arctic winter; discovering ruins of ancient civilisations in South America. You can also visit national parks, museums and famous UNESCO sites, join local food tastings, go on history walks, hikes and enjoy kayaking all over the world.