See the world with Holland America Line on amazing itineraries. Relax on the beach, explore ancient ruins, or discover majestic glaciers on your next cruise vacation.

Holland America Line goes to over 300 ports, across all 7 continents. Learn more about where we sail.

Mediterranean | 11 Days | September 8 – 19, 2024

Embark on a Mediterranean enchantment with Holland America’s itineraries featuring classic sites, charming villages, and azure waters. Additionally, cruise through the mesmerizing Strait of Messina, captivated by Stromboli’s volcanic fury. Explore Dubrovnik’s Old City walls and be awestruck by Gaudí’s brilliance in Barcelona. Join us for a journey through the timeless allure

Holland America Mediterranean

Northern Europe | 14 Days | September 28 – October 12, 2024

Embark with the cruise line that has navigated these waters for 150 years, offering journeys through fjord-laced coasts, circuits of island nations, explorations of vibrant cities, and epic voyages to the far reaches of Greenland and Iceland. Moreover, sail with a legacy of exploration and experience the essence of Holland America itinerary.

Holland America Northern Europe

Alaska | 14 Days | September 1 – September 15, 2024

Leave tech-centric Seattle for South Pacific islands. Experience Hawaii’s lava landscapes, Samoa’s pristine marine reserves and Fiji’s lush gardens. Arrive to Sydney, fully recharged.

Holland America Line South Pacific