Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises has redefined the concept of river cruising. It offers travelers opportunities to immerse themselves in the cultural tapestry of the world's most iconic waterways. Established in 1997, Viking has a visionary approach to creating culturally enriching journeys. Additionally, it has grown into a globally acclaimed cruise line that navigate the world's storied rivers. Sailing the storied rivers of Europe, Viking's award-winning fleet exemplifies the company's dedication to excellence. These state-of-the-art vessels seamlessly blend elegant Scandinavian design with innovative features, offering guests an unparalleled level of comfort and amenities. Additionally, from the revolutionary Aquavit Terrace, to the onboard organic herb gardens and energy-efficient hybrid engines, every aspect of the Longships is thoughtfully crafted to enhance the journey. Beyond Europe's iconic waterways, Viking's horizons have expanded to encompass a myriad of captivating destinations. In 2022, the company launched its inaugural voyages along the mighty Mississippi River. The line introduced the state-of-the-art Viking Mississippi. This cutting-edge vessel brings modern river cruising to the heartland of America. It offers guests the opportunity to explore the cultures, landscapes, and historic sites along this iconic waterway. Meanwhile, Viking's expedition ships, the Viking Octantis and Viking Polaris, are purpose-built for the icy waters of Antarctica. In addition, the ships are equipped with advanced stabilization systems. Also, the ice-strengthened hulls and cutting-edge scientific equipment enable guests to have memorable voyages while protecting the environment. At the heart of every Viking journey lies a commitment to enrichment and cultural immersion. Additionally, the line's programs offer opportunities for to deepen appreciation of the destinations guests visit. Moreover, Viking also offer engaging lectures and culinary demonstrations. This is through partnerships with institutions like the Scott Polar Research Institute and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Furthermore, Viking ensures that each voyage is an educational and transformative experience. With years of experience, a global presence, and a fleet that continues to expand, Viking River Cruises has firmly established itself as a leader in river cruising. By combining unparalleled service, innovative design, and a profound respect for the world's cultures and environments, Viking invites guests to embark on journeys that transcend mere vacation and become truly transformative adventures.


Viking River has developed a crafted cultural entertainment program designed for their inquisitive guests sailing throughout the world.

Mar 5 2024


On a Viking River cruise, every dining experience is a special occasion. Their chefs create dishes that reflect the destinations you visit.

Mar 5 2024


Viking River's itineraries are expertly curated to explore the Europe, Asia, Egypt and the USA, each providing a unique experience.

Mar 5 2024


State-of-the-art Viking river ships offer guests unprecedented levels of comfort in their accommodation offerings.

Mar 5 2024

Viking River

Viking River has been taking well-travelled curious guests to some of the world’s most fascinating destinations for more than 26 years.

Mar 5 2024