Viking Expedition Cruises

Venture off the beaten path and into the world's most remote wildernesses with Viking Expedition Cruises. This exciting offering from Viking brand allows guests to explore the planet's polar regions and other hard-to-reach destinations. Viking's two state-of-the-art expedition ships, Viking Octantis and Viking Polaris, launched in 2022 and were purpose-built for this unique cruise experience. With just 378 guests each, guests enjoy an intimate onboard atmosphere. Additionally, the line also features amenities and elegant Scandinavian design akin to Viking's acclaimed ocean vessels. Moreover, these Polar Class rated ships also integrate specialized features ideal for expeditions. Advanced stabilizers, ice-strengthened hulls, and a unique sloped stem design ensure safety and stability when navigating arctic and antarctic waters. Additionally, the ships also exceed environmental regulations with energy-efficient systems. Furthermore, Viking Expedition Cruises is one of the industry's first designations for minimizing underwater noise pollution. Where can these remarkable new expedition ships take you? Embark on an awe-inspiring voyage to Antarctica and experience the pristine frozen landscapes. Guests also get to visit research stations, and encounter incredible wildlife. Additionally, cruise enthusiasts may opt to head north to the remote Canadian Arctic, the volcanic territories of Iceland. Also, travellers get to even explore the Great Lakes of North America. No matter which itinerary you choose, you'll be accompanied by a team of experts, scientists and researchers. These people are from prestigious institutions like Cambridge University and Cornell. Meanwhile, through their engaging shipboard lectures and guided onshore excursions, guests gain an understanding and these difficult-to-access regions. For the adventure of a lifetime filled with natural wonders, and sustainable exploration, look for Viking Expedition Cruises. Let Viking's intrepid new ships take you pole-to-pole in incomparable Nordic luxury.


Viking Expeditions' talented chefs are create unique dishes and dining experiences that reflect the destinations you are visiting.

Mar 7 2024


Viking Expeditions has created the world’s leading enrichment entertainment environment with scientists and lecturers.

Mar 5 2024


Viking Expeditions offers itineraries from 13 to 86 days from the pristine wilderness of Antarctica and the Arctic.

Mar 5 2024


A first for polar expedition vessels, all Viking Expeditions accommodation feature a Nordic Balcony, a sunroom and more.

Mar 5 2024

Viking Expeditions

Viking Expeditions has reimagined expedition voyages for true explorers to facilitate exploration and scientific discovery.

Mar 5 2024