Shortly before breakfast, Seadream docked at Tenerife, our last port of call on this cruise.

All passengers leaving the vessel were to have their bags outside their cabins by 11 p.m. the night before.  Most of our newly found friends were to disembark.  Others were staying on board for the next cruise.

As on most cruises, we had made some wonderful new friends, but as is usually the case, they are spread across the globe and our chances of meeting again are slight.  Email addresses were swapped as we said our farewells.

We had had a wonderful cruise, with exciting destinations.  A yachting experience such as this one is very different to being on a large liner, but I believe there are advantages to both.  For pure relaxation, copious amounts of food and alcohol and outstanding service, this is the ship (sorry, I mean yacht) for you.  If you’re a lover of entertainment with lots of activities, perhaps you would be more at home on a larger vessel.

One of the few faults I found on Seadream was that smoking was allowed on all outdoor decks.  Some decks had smoking on one side only, but as the ship was small, the smoke drifted, especially the cigar smoke.  I also missed eating breakfast and lunch in the elegant dining room. They were always served on the outdoor deck, even on the occasional blustery days when they would pull down plastic blinds.  I would have liked the option of eating indoors.

That said, overall our Seadream cruise was most memorable and enjoyable.