One of the internet’s most frequent bloggers, a Cruise Director on a Carnival ship,  counted the number of tuxedos/dinner suits on his ship’s formal night during a recent cruise. 

Their passenger count was around 3,000 and all he could count in men’s formal dress was 17.  There is no doubt in my mind that most male cruisers, new and frequent, balk at having to wear formal attire.

Not so much for the ladies, as they seem to welcome the opportunity to dress up.  Many men wear business suits and ties, but this in my opinion, is not a lot of fun for most men who wear this ‘uniform’ five days a week.

Most top end cruise companies have jettisoned formal evenings in favour of ‘country club casual’.  I for one embrace this decision.

I used to cart a dinner suit half way around the world, to be worn only once or twice during a cruise, along extra dress shoes, dress shirt, bow tie etc.  With airline weight restrictions I have replaced this formal attire with a yachting jacket, plain shirt and slacks.  Trust me: you will not be out of place and have to hide in the buffet on formal night!