There was a flurry of excitement among the cruising community recently when Australia’s first Elvis cruise was announced. A cruise to nowhere, round trip from Sydney, it pays homage to arguably the biggest rock ‘n’ roll act of all time, the King himself, Elvis Presley.

It got me thinking about themed cruises and how popular they have become. Think of a possible hobby or topic and there will be theme cruise out there to fit the bill. From healthful pursuits such as yoga and cruises with a focus on food and wine, to Apple conventions (that’s the computer, not the fruit) and Star Trek voyages, there really is something out there for everyone should you desire to immerse yourself into a theme with a lot of like minded people.

On Cruise Passenger’s Facebook page, I thought it would be a great opportunity to see what our cruising community thought about themed cruises, and the kinds of voyages which piqued their interest. The results were very interesting, so if anyone out there is thinking of putting a themed cruise together, listen up!

Kara-Lee had a great suggestion -a 1950s cruise complete with clothes, music and that old style lounge atmosphere. Along a similar theme, Kara suggested a 1980s cruise with fancy dress each night….and given the rash of 80s stars touring right now, including Blondie and Roxy Music, she has certainly hit on a popular trend.

Moving on to the big screen and stage, Christine suggested a Rocky Horror cruise…..with grandma and grandpa in their stiletto shoes and corsets, while Sue put forward the idea of a Silver Screen cruise – elegant evening wear, vintage furnishing, classic martinis with maybe an Agatha Christie Orient Express backdrop. This could involve lookalikes….where the best Bette Davis or Marilyn Monroe wins a prize!

Other inventive suggestions, also picking up on modern trends, would be a cosmetic cruise where women could have makeover using some of today’s most popular cosmetics. Or a cosmetic surgery cruise where you can learn how to knock years off your face with a lunchtime procedure, or the pros and cons of something more serious, like a facelift.

Personally, I like the idea of something based on good fun, or where you can learn something interesting or important in a fun atmosphere. Many cruise lines are already  embracing these concepts with their on board enrichment programs….whether or not you wish to be immersed in something for an entire cruise, however, is another matter. Watching an Elvis impersonator strutting his stuff in an after-dinner show is one thing, but watching him eating his cornflakes at breakfast is quite something else.

What is exciting about these ideas, however, is it is further proof of how the cruising holiday is changing, and why it’s attracting a younger and more adventurous following. From the ships to the itineraries, and now themes, there really is something  for everyone on the high seas. If you have any suggestions of your own, respond to these posts as there will be theme cruise organisers watching……Happy cruising!