This morning we sailed towards the Cambodia/Vietnam border.

Watching the lush jungle and small villages go by from our large picture windows, in the cabin and the Lounge, was an absolute delight. At the border, we paused mid river while local officials came on board and carried out the usual formalities.

During the day, the crew showed off their fruit carving skills and gave lessons on how to make and cook spring rolls and Vietnamese pho, a local soup taken mainly at breakfast – with its noodles, small pieces of chicken or beef and tasty rich broth, Pho is something that I have really come to like.

There was also an ice cream extravaganza in the afternoon. Most of the passengers attended, piling various flavours and toppings on made-to-order sundaes.

Our ship then arrived at Tan Chau, Vietnam, at which time we assembled in the Lounge to receive our usual pre-dinner briefing on what’s in store for tomorrow.