This morning La Marguerite docked at Chong Koh, a silk weaving village, where the houses are on stilts as protection from annual flooding.

We walked from house to house observing the villagers at their looms, followed by the local children, who amazingly spoke almost perfect English. Local handicrafts, such as silk scarves and tablecloths, were available to purchase at very reasonable prices.

This afternoon our boat arrived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital. We spent the rest of the day leisurely exploring this most interesting city and taking its decidedly French architectural heritage.

We hired a tuk tuk, the local means of transport (a kind of motorbike driven rickshaw), and after negotiating the fare in US dollars, the currency of choice (no-one wanted Aussie dollars), were driven around the town for about an hour.

After dinner, local children came on board and performed traditional dances.