It is the world’s first. Soon you will be able to host wedding receptions, sip chilled champagne at cocktail parties and dine like King Neptune – all under water in a submersible Triton Submarine.

And if you fancy having a remedial massage and special spa treatment – just step below into an underwater world where the panoramic views of marine life will cast a hypnotic calm over you.

But numbers are limited – the Triton 660/9 AVA submarine which can dive 200 metres in the water, can only carry up to eight passengers plus the pilot.

But like the saying goes, two is a family, three is a crowd, eight is definitely a party. One thing is guaranteed – these bespoke underwater experiences will give you bragging rights to last a lifetime.

Luxury line Scenic is the first to order the Triton Submarine for its six-star luxury yacht, 228-guest Scenic Eclipse II scheduled to debut in early 2023.

Here’s their promo-vide of what you can expect:


Scenic is planning to launch this innovative way of cruising under water for itineraries in the polar region and the tropics in the first quarter of 2023, says Rob Vass, chief operations officer, Scenic Group.

“This new partnership means even more of our guests will be able to discover beneath the surface and we’re excited to have this first-of-its-kind Triton on board our latest discovery yacht, Scenic Eclipse II,” he said.

However, the special underwater experiences such as weddings and cocktail parties, are “not part of our current plans for Scenic Eclipse II,” said a Scenic spokesperson.

“The Triton 660/9 AVA not only offers panoramic views and a shared and equally brilliant dive experience for all occupants, but the incredibly versatile interior can be quickly re-configured for a wide variety of premium activities including dining or cocktail dives, spa treatments, subsea gaming experiences and even weddings,” said Triton Submarine.

While Scenic is the first cruise line to acquire a Triton Submarine, another two have also been ordered – one for a private yacht and another for a boutique resort.