Having recently broken into expedition cruising, Viking continues to celebrate milestones as Viking Octanis continues to make its way through its debut Antarctic season. 

The ship’s journey through the Antarctic Circle marked the southernmost point the company’s cruise ships have reached in its 25-year history. A few short hours after this historic crossing, Viking Venus crossed the Arctic Circle, as the northern lights danced in the sky above.

For those curious about the new expedition ships, Viking has released more photographs of Viking Octanis, as well as a new 360-degree ship tour, allowing cruisers to trace their future footsteps on the vessel.

As even more of a push to get people excited about Viking Expeditions, they’ve also released a video of testimonials from guests who have just been on the Antarctic Explorer itinerary, and the praise is through the roof. 

Torstein Hagen, Chairman of Viking said: “The Viking Octantis and her sister ship, the Viking Polaris, have been designed for discovery—to enable our guests to explore the world’s most pristine destinations in comfort and in the most responsible way possible.

“With our first Antarctic season underway, we are very pleased with the enthusiastic initial response from our guests, as well as from esteemed design experts.”

Viking’s expedition ships have been designed with a similar touch to their ocean ships, however, with an extra splash of added dazzle that won the design teams ‘Design Studio Team of the Year’ at the 2021 Cruise Ship Interior Awards. 

Karine Hagen, Executive Vice President of Viking said: “We hope our guests will feel at home on board these elegant vessels, with spaces that are familiar from our ocean ships—such as the Explorers’ Lounge and Mamsen’s—as well as innovative new spaces like The Aula and The Hangar that are first of their kind in the travel industry.

“As always, our Norwegian heritage and thoughtful attention to detail are infused throughout. With sheltered outdoor observation areas from bow to stern and a state-of-the-art stabilizing system that makes for very smooth sailing, our new expedition ships optimize exploring the remotest parts of the world in comfort, the Viking way.”

Both Octanis and Polaris take 378 guests across 189 staterooms, with a special emphasis on viewing areas to be able to appreciate the unique expedition destinations. 

The ships have fully equipped science labs, Nordic spas, Expedition Central for interaction between researchers and guests, as well as all state-of-the-art luxury you would expect across dining and accommodation.

More info: vikingcruises.com.au/expeditions