The world’s largest ship, Icon of the Seas, was docked in Costa Maya in Mexico when a small fire broke out.

Nobody was hurt or injured but passengers still received a shock as their time on the biggest ship on the planet was interrupted by the sudden power outage and code ‘bravo’, the signal for fire.

A Reddit user who was on the ship wrote: “I’m on the ship. The power went out for 20 minutes. Calls on the intercom were Bravo Bravo Bravo, then later instruction 23. The crew are at emergency stations.”

Then the user provided another update about an hour later.

“Everything back to normal. Power was out for about 20 minutes, people could not board or leave for an hour, and the crew was at muster stations for 60-90 minutes. No official announcement what the incident was.”

However, another Reddit user provided an even more in-depth account.

We were going through security at the gangway to get back on the ship when all of the crew at the metal detectors walkie-talkies started blaring “BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO” and crew seemed a bit unbothered until the leader of the group yelled “GO! GO!” I guess the crew had been doing drills throughout the morning and were confused about the legitimacy of the call coming over their radios.

We were able to eventually get onto the ship once one crew member was given the okay to perform manual searches. We did hear over the radio that two hose crews were en route.

We felt better being on the ship knowing the crew is highly trained! Happy all is back to normal and I can get a drink!

An X user onboard also shared updates on how the events unfolded.

Tweets about Icon of the Seas incident.
A Twitter user shares what went down.

A Royal Caribbean spokesperson confirmed that there was indeed a fire and a loss of power, but all safety procedures were executed without issue.

The ship will now continue to sail as planned, on its seven-day roundtrip from Port Miami.