“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well,” says Virginia Woolf, the famous English writer.

Adam Sachs
Adam Sachs will oversee Silversea’s SALT program

Now luxury line Silversea has taken this mantra to the next level with its new revolutionary culinary offering called SALT – Sea and Land Taste.

To be launched on the line’s new ship, the 596-passenger Silver Moon in August next year, the unique food-focused travel will incorporate ship-based and shoreside excursions including market trips, winery visits and dining experiences in regional restaurants and bars.

There will also be food lectures, cooking classes and demonstrations by local guest chefs and food experts.

The new SALT experience is aimed at unlocking guests curiosity of the world’s culture of food so that they can appreciate and understand the soul of destinations around the globe.

“There’s no better or more enjoyable way to engage and understand the world than through the flavours and stories of its food and wine culture and the people and personalities behind it,” says culinary expert Adam Sachs who will oversee Silversea’s SALT program.

Guests will learn about local ingredients and artisanal techniques, passed down from one generation to another. They will experience first-hand, on shore excursions, to discover the story, conventions and secrets of local cuisine.

At a pilot program on board Silver Muse while cruising between Bali and Sandakan, Malaysia, food expert and member of the Ubud’s Royal Family, Maya Kerthyasa shared stories of her grandmother’s traditional recipes and hosted a spice paste workshop where guests were educated on the region’s food culture through a hands-on cooking experience.

The unique land-based excursion also took guests into the Balinese jungle to sample wild honey and other indigenous ingredients.

“By connecting customised shore excursions with fascinating lectures and hands-on onboard cooking experiences, we will allow guests to come away with a more thorough understanding and appreciation for the taste, cultures and foodways of the places we’re visiting,” says Mr Sachs, the former editor-in-chief of Saveur magazine.

Back onboard the ship, guests will be able to dissect their shore experience with workshops, tastings and demonstrations at SALT Lab, a new venue on Deck 8 where they can deep-dive into regional food cultures under the tutorage of expert local chefs and industry authorities.

There will be a SALT Kitchen, a new dining venue dedicated to the authentic flavours of sailed destinations with ever-changing menus and a regionally inspired wine list to help diners form a meaningful connection with local cultures. At SALT Bar, guests will be able to sip regional cocktails and drinks to better engage with destinations.

“We’re looking at every itinerary of Silver Moon’s inaugural season and asking questions ‘what story does the food and drink of this country and region tell? What are the can’t-miss tastes and ingredients here?

“We’re taking an investigative, adventurous and open-minded approach to culinary travel and we can’t wait to share these tastes and experiences with our guests,” says Mr Sachs.

As Barbara Muckermann, Silversea’s chief marketing officer says: “Our guests share a common passion for food, but what they really love about food is that it’s an amazing key to get under a culture, to understand the soul of a destination.”