In a show of confidence for the future of cruising and the luxury travel market, Scenic has started production on Scenic Eclipse II, the sister ship to Scenic Eclipse, the worlds most luxurious discovery yacht.

The beginning of production was announced at the keel-laying ceremony, with the Croatian Prime Minister in attendance.

Scenic Eclipse II is a revolutionary luxury polar cruiser worth more than $265 million when it launches in the Mediterranean in early 2023. The Yacht will be 168 metres long and accommodate 228 guests in six star all-inclusive luxury. 

The rooms are all verandah suites, there are nine restaurants, eight lounges and bars, a spa, fitness areas, pools, a marina deck and even helicopters and a submarine. 

Glen Moroney, the owner of Scenic Group, spoke excitedly at the ceremony: “Two years ago, we launched the most luxurious and technologically advanced polar cruise vessel ever built. The great success achieved by Scenic Eclipse and our guests’ continuous praise reaffirmed our desire to launch a sister ship.”

Mr Moroney wants the vessel to stand as a beacon of hope through the uncertain times that cruising is facing. “We are all familiar with the challenges that currently face the cruising industry. At Scenic Group, we are proud to continue to invest in new ventures that demonstrate our unwavering belief in the future of the industry and indeed, Scenic’s leading position within that.” 

Scenic Eclipse was the first venture into ocean cruising for Scenic, having been traditionally known for luxury tours and river cruising. The ship was christened by Dame Hellen Mirren in New York in 2019, and since then has seen many journeys, including ten itineraries across Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. 

She was to have visited Australia on  Kimberley cruises this year, but red tape and pandemic measures meant the itineraries had to be cancelled.

Scenic Eclipse II is set to be even more luxurious than its predecessor as Scenic continues to innovate and create luxury cruising experiences.