The world’s first expedition yacht, Scenic Eclipse, will tomorrow pick up its passengers and head out on its first cruise.

The line, which has delivered the yacht a year late after a series of setbacks, released footage of the ship coming into the port of Valletta, Malta.

The line has also released a digital brochure for the 2020/21 and 2022 seasons.

It features six new itineraries comprising 47 departures across 38 countries, visiting 68 new ports as well as UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites.

“Coming into port on any cruise ship is spectacular”, said Captain James Griffiths, Captain of the Scenic Eclipse.

“It is the first glimpse guests get of the city and country they are stopping in. There is a real sense of excitement and anticipation. Coming in on a ship like Scenic Eclipse will be even more exciting, as its size allows access to many ports that larger ships are not able to enter meaning our guests will, in many instances, have a truly unique arrival experience.”

Guests can view the online brochure here.

Brochure highlights:

  • Two full Antarctica season with 20 departures and the opportunity to view a solar eclipse from the deck of the Scenic Eclipse (December 2020 and December 2021)
  • Wild Alaska and British Columbia – from Vancouver to Nome, Alaska, travelling through the Aleutian Islands and the Inside Passage for the first time.
  • Baja to Costa Rica Whales and Wilderness – from San Diego to Cost Rica and all the wonders of Latin America including the breathtaking Mexican Riviera.
  • High Arctic Explorer – travelling as far north as North Cape, through the Svalbard Archipelago and the magnificent fjords, waterfalls, mountains and sleepy fishing villages of the Norway.
  • Panama and Columbia Discovery – Transiting the famous Panama Canal, exploring the jungles and islands of Central America.
  • Scenic Eclipse’s 114 luxurious suites across five decks, a 550 sq m spa sanctuary, up to 10 dining venues, butler service in every suite, a staff to guest ratio of 1:1, and on board helicopters and submarine offering truly unique discovery experiences.