Royal Caribbean has announced the recently medically upgraded Quantum of the Seas will spend an Australia summer cruising from Brisbane after her Singapore cruises to nowhere.

But a line spokesperson was unable to confirm if Australians will get the same Royal Promise of $25,000 COVID health cost cover that has been offered to Asian cruisers taking short cruises out of Singapore.

Royal Caribbean announced a three-ship fleet for its 2021-22 season in Australia and New Zealand, with Quantum of the Seas the star.

The almost 5000 passenger ship will debut in Australia sailing from Brisbane with an array of medical upgrades including new health protocols, upgraded medical centres and fresh air filtration implemented onboard.

The upgrades will ensure that the ship is ready to contain, treat, and isolate any possible COVID-19 cases, in an attempt to prevent an outbreak.

Quantum of the Seas is leading the resurgence of cruising out of Singapore for Royal Caribbean, with the line’s The Royal Promise, which will cover all Singapore sailings and includes a cruise with confidence policy, emergency transport protocols, 50% vessel capacity, innovative sanitisation protocols, air circulation and more.

Compulsory testing for COVID-19 prior to boarding the ship is also part of the Royal Promise.

Royal Caribbean said the line’s staff are working to enhance health and safety standards across their fleet, but can not yet confirm whether similar upgrades and protocols will be mandated for Australian sailings on Quantum of the Seas, Ovation of the Seas and Serenade of the Seas.

The line also said: “We are committed to continuously adapting, innovating and evaluating cutting-edge technologies as we navigate this ever-changing environment to provide our guests the safest cruise experience”.

The updated medical centre onboard Quantum of the Seas (pictured below) has been redesigned to be split into two separate zones. Each zone is equipped with its own entrance, critical care beds, restrooms, and lab collection.

Royal Caribbean medical centre upgrade
Image From: Royal Caribbean Blog

One section will be the standard medical centre for general medical care and the second half is a dedicated Controlled Care Unit for the management of infectious diseases complete with a decontamination room.

A comprehensive onboard laboratory has also been equipped to prove a range of tests and offer results on board including PCR rapid testing for COVID-19.

Royal Caribbean has also increased the number of doctors and nurses in their shipboard medical centres and enhanced our state-of-the-art equipment to provide high-quality care.

Some of the upgrades include:

  • Hospital-grade ventilators
  • Cardiac monitor
  • Central oxygen system
  • Nebulisers
  • Defibrillators and external pacemakers
  • EKGs

The air filtration onboard Royal Caribbean ships (pictured below) will also undergo changes to deliver fresh air and filter the air on board to avoid any possible pathogens circulating around the ship.

Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas air filtration
Image From: Royal Caribbean Blog

The upgrades include MERV 13 filters which are fine enough to filter coronavirus, colds and flu.

Every Royal Caribbean shipboard HVAC system continuously flows 100% fresh air from outdoors to your stateroom and public areas.