A new door-to-door service, a luxury yacht with scores of new destinations and the creation of a carbon neutral sailing ship – French small ship adventure line Ponant has a full agenda of luxury and sustainability for 2024.

The line – this year’s Cruise Passenger Reader’s Choice Awards double winner for expedition as well as sustainability – has given us a sneak peek into its latest offerings.

Group Deputy CEO Global Business Belinda Hindmarsh told a Sydney lunch the line was planning a door-to-door service where everything in between would be taken care of.

Asia Pacific, she said, was 20 per cent of the line’s business. “It’s a huge percentage of what we’re doing overall and I think the potential to grow is immense.”

The luxury and sustainability line would be “bringing the whole journey together…really streamlining that concierge, pick up at home and make sure that you get back safely, door to door experience.”

She also revealed details of a new carbon neutral yacht being designed for 2030 using the latest AI technology and a mix of fuels to deliver a carbon neutral outcome.

New destinations

Honorary chair Sarina Bratton revealed the line’s latest local product, Paspaley Pearl, brought two famous fashion families together to take 30 high-end guests to the Kimberley.

Ponant's Paspaley Dive Collection combines nautical luxury with high end pearls

Ponant is owned by the Pinault family, who run Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Brioni.  Family owned Paspaley Pearls is one of Australia’s global fashion icons.

A new yacht, Paspaley Pearl, will be launched as soon as she can be refitted.

“I’m very excited about this product,” says Bratton.

Nick Paspaley of the famous pearling family wants to show guests the pearling process, the seeding and harvesting which his family has been running for 80 years.

Bratton revealed the family had exclusive charts taking the vessel to places no-one else can go. Paspaley Pearl will also go to Papua New Guinea and Raja Ampat – “probably the most biodiverse region of the world”.

Flightseeing tour of Ponant's Paspaley seaks of luxury and sustainability.
Flightseeing tour of Paspaley

Bratton said: “This brings another element of what Ponant’s going to be able to deliver to our guests”.

Luxury and sustainability are at the forefront.

She said she had been working with naval architects, a super yacht designer, stylists and shipyards. “Hopefully you’ll be proud because it’s an Australian family working with the French, wanting to work together two incredible families.”

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