PONANT, a world leader in luxury expeditions, has revealed its newest selection of voyages for the Antarctic season in 2023

These voyages aboard Le Commandant Charcot take you to some of the most ecologically unique corners of the earth and shower you in luxury while they do it. Included amongst the voyages for the 2022/23 season are two new itineraries that actually operates to and from New Zealand, making these exhibitions for accessible for Australians and New Zealanders than we might be used to.

The first offered itinerary is “Unexplored Antarctic between Two Continents,” running from Ushuaia to Dunedin on January 15 to February 13, 2023, with prices starting from $60, 545 per person. This voyage will have you spotting orcas, seals, whales and penguins, navigating through the edges of New Zealand, seeing the last unclaimed land on the planet and more.

The other offered voyage is “From Dumont d’Urville to Mawson: retracing Heroic Age expeditions.” 

This voyage is also between New Zealand and Argentina, but now starting from Dunedin, before sailing for 26 nights from February 13 to March 12. You’ll go through UNESCO World Heritage sites as you discover the wonders of Adelie Land, Victoria Land, Marie Byrd Land, Macquarie Island and more as you gain a true appreciation the biodiverse nuances of the White Continent.

You can also be rest assured that PONANT will be taking actions to ensure you aren’t overly harming the beautiful environment you’re observing, Le Commandant Charcot is hybrid-electric powered by liquified natural gas and has onboard green technologies and initiatives such as waste water treatment, 100% waste sorted on board and no single-use plastics.

More info: au.ponant.com