Call it the most democratic cruise of 2016.

Guests on Europa 2, considered the most luxurious ship on the oceans, will be premiering a new concept for its guests in May 2016.

The Surprise Cruise will allow guests to set the course of the cruise by voting for port stops between two destinations. There will be 20 ports in the mediterranean to choose from. And the only fixed ports on the itinerary are the departure and arrival points.

Captain of the Europa 2, Christian van Zwamen will share the list of potential routes and ports with guests before voting, also highlighting the locations with sunny weather conditions and local attractions. The guests will then vote to determine their route across Greece and Turkey.

No-one was saying what would happen in the event of a deadlock. No doubt the captain would have the casting vote.

The Europa 2 surprise cruise departs Istanbul on May 14, 2016 arriving in Athens on May 24, 2016. Fares start from US$5750 per person for bookings made until February 29, 2016.