Norwegian Cruise Line has revealed new dining experiences onboard their latest ship, the Norwegian Aqua.

The ship, which will be launched in 2025 will be adding three new restaurant concepts. The Norwegian Aqua will have its first-ever Thai specialty restaurant, Sukhothai. TThe line will also have dedicated plant-based dining hub called Planterie, as well as a new upscale wine bar, the Swirl Wine Bar. 

“Discovering new flavors and dining experiences is such a memorable part of any vacation, especially when you share it with those who matter most to you,” said David J. Herrera, president of Norwegian Cruise Line.

“Expanding on our award-winning food and beverage program, we’re looking forward to bringing new concepts to life aboard Norwegian Aqua, while continuing to deliver on the variety of available offerings and value that NCL delivers.”

The Sukhothai, the first-ever Thai specialty restaurant in NCL, offers fresh culinary experience aboard Norwegian Aqua.
The Sukhothai, NCL’s first-ever Thai specialty dining hub. Image courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line.

The Thai cuisine experience 

Debuting as Norwegian’s first-ever Thai specialty restaurant, Sukhothai is bringing Thailand’s authentic taste to the high seas. This dining hub’s eclectic menu features a new spin to traditional Thai cuisine such as Thai Cashew Chicken, Salt and Pepper Prawns, Thai Grilled Steak Salad, a variety of curries and more. 

Moreover, this upscale restaurant found in Aqua’s deck 17 is designed by London-based renowned firm SMC Design. This dining hub aims to transport diners to the cultural landscape of Thailand through its combined traditional and contemporary design elements. 

The plant-based dining experience

Inside the returning favourite, Indulge Food Hall, Norwegian Aqua houses a fresh plant-based dining hub called Planterie. Here, an array of healthy, veggie-forward bowls like the Southwest Bowl with smoked tempeh and the Mediterranean Goddess Bowl brimming with spiced vegetables, tabbouleh, and honey-roasted carrots are being served. 

Furthermore, the return of Indulge Food Hall carries with it a new design courtesy of New York-based firm Rockwell Group. In addition, aside from Planterie, this newly overhauled dining hall will also house nine more dining hubs with inspiration from other international food marketplaces. 

Aqua's Planterie is a fresh plant-based dining hub. The first for NCL.
Aqua’s Planterie is a fresh plant-based dining hub. Image courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line.

The upscale wine lounge experience

Norwegian Cruise Line through Norwegian Aqua is premiering an upscale contemporary wine lounge called the Swirl Wine Bar. Additionally, this wine bar features wine-by-the-glass menu alongside a curated selection of rare and premium vintages.

Furthermore, this hidden enclave’s bar design located at deck 6 is conceptualised by the Miami-based Studio DADO firm. In addition, the design was inspired from the geological marvel of Arizona’s Antelope Canyon.

Meanwhile, Norwegian Aqua will also highlight some of Norwegian’s old favourites with their fresh design concepts and expanded seating. 

The Commodore Room features a rustic yet luxurious design that highlights antique wood furnishings, leather banquettes, and pier-inspired flooring. Meanwhile, the award-winning Metropolitan bar showcases a distinct art deco with a grand piano for live music. Additionally, the popular sushi spot Nama gets a vibrant Manga-inspired redesign with bold lime green and black hues.

Moreover, Aqua also features other enhanced spaces including the Surfside Café buffet with warm sunset tones, a reimagined Palomar seafood restaurant, and a relocated Whiskey Bar near the new Swirl Wine Bar. Furthermore, the ship also houses expanded venues like The Local Bar & Grill, Hasuki hibachi and Cagney’s Steakhouse. 

The Norwegian Aqua is the cruise line’s next evolution and the first vessel of the expanded Prima Plus Class. The ship is set to sail in April 2025.