A new itinerary on MSC Poesia is looking to show guests a different side of Europe this autumn.

The 11-night itinerary clocks in a little longer than the average MSC Mediterranean exploration. The sailing is available from September to November this year, shining a light on different parts of the region.

The cruise is extremely good value, with inside cabins starting from just $1159, just over $100 per night. The cruise runs as a roundtrip from Genoa.

A highlight is two stops in Türkiye, including an extended stay in Istanbul. There are also three stops in Italy, including the less explored Genoa and Palermo. Then the cruise caps with a classic stop amongst the history of Greece.

The cruise begins amongst the churches and palaces of Genoa. While not as celebrated as Rome or Florence, Genoa offers an authentic look into Italian history, culture, and cuisine.

Another less-visited European city, Kusadasi, is the next stop. Kusadasi is a resort town, placed perfectly on the Aegean Sea. Guests can relax on some of Europe’s best coastline, or visit the historical nearby town of Ephesus.

Up next is an extended stay in Istanbul. MSC has a range of options for exciting excursions or guests may also choose to explore the massive city themselves. The ship will stay until later in the night allowing plenty of time to soak in the city.

One famous city will lead to another as the ship docks in Athens. If you’ve never been before MSC hosts general sightseeing tours or more specific excursions if you have something particular to tick off your list.

Southern Italy will be the next destination when the MSC Mediterranean cruise veers toward Palermo. Guests may choose to visit famous palaces and theatres, visit the nearby Monreale, laze on the beach or whatever else. Next is the famous city of Rome to cap off an enticing Mediterranean itinerary.

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