MSC Cruises has revealed its high-tech new ship, the MSC Seaside at the official handover ceremony. The ship will be officially launched on December 21

Built with an innovative ‘beach condo’ style structure, it’s the first of its kind in the cruise industry.

The ship was welcomed at a ceremony this week at the Fincanteri shipyard in France where the line also announced the launch of a new class of ships – the Seaside EVO.

MSC will deliver the two new vessels which will be delivered in 2021 and 2023 and will be bigger than the MSC Seaside. The new Seaside EVO ships can accommodate for up to 5,646 passengers.

The line also intends to make them environmentally friendly and will be fitted out with technologically that will reduce carbon emissions as well as have state-of-the-art waste management and recycling systems.

The MSC Seaside features a unique wrap-around seafront promenade which will have bars and restaurants along the walkway. The 40m glass catwalks have been designed so it guests feel like they are ‘walking on water’. Another feature as part of the ‘walk on water’ experience is the glass-bottomed pathway called the Bridge of Sighs. The highlight which is located on Deck 16 where visitors can get views 40 metres above the ocean.

The ship also has an interactive water park which has five attractions including a ‘slideboarding’ ride and 160m-duelling waterslides. There are also zip lines which stretch 105 metres, making them the longest at sea.

Also new to MSC is a new digital navigator which helps guests find their way around the ship, as well as provide information about the happenings of the day. There are also virtual reality shore excursions and guests also have wristbands that even help parents locate their children on the ship.

The ship will be sailing from Miami and offering Caribbean itineraries.