MSC Magnifica, which was set to call at Fremantle in Western Australia, is currently on her way to Dubai. Premier Mark McGowan claimed she had 250 passengers onboard with ‘respiratory illnesses’.

But MSC told Cruise Passenger that there were no cases of COVID-19 onboard the ship, and the Magnifica was never set to disembark passengers.

“Along her scheduled itinerary, the ship plans to call Fremantle in Western Australia for a technical call only. While there, neither passengers or crew will disembark as the ship only plans to bunker before she continues along her scheduled itinerary,” said an MSC spokesperson.

“The ship had done the same at other technical calls along her itinerary, including in Sydney where passengers and crew remained on board during the technical-only call there.

“All passengers and crew on board are well. No passengers or crew on board suffer from any respiratory diseases or present any flu-like symptoms. There is no evidence to suggest that anyone on board may be infected with COVID-19.”

Premier Mark McGowan says more than 1,700 people are onboard the ship.

“I’m advised all passengers are from overseas – Germany, France and Italy. This morning I contacted the Prime Minister and have spoken to the Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, to explain my priority is to protect West Australians,” said Mr McGowan.

The spokesperson from MSC Cruises told Cruise Passenger that there are no passengers onboard who are ill.