It was dubbed the worst maritime disaster in Italy’s history since the second World War, killing 32 passengers, when Costa Concordia sank partially sank near the Tuscan island of Giglio in 2012 after hitting a reef.

Four years later German photographer Jonathan Danko Kielkowski swam 200 metres to capture the ghost ship moved to the port of Genoa where it will be scrapped eventually.

The images captured by Mr Kielkowski have created quite a buzz in social media, amazed by the 290-metre ship’s decadence now completely in rundown state.

It was the photographer’s second attempt to capture the ship after he was caught by the Coast Guard.

The interiors show corridors corroded with harsh salt water. The glitzy atrium and theatre is shown covered in debris. The bar’s emerald finishings still stand out despite the electric wiring hanging out.

Costa Concordia’s maritime wreck recovery and scrapping efforts are estimated to cost £1.2billion.

The images are now in a book named Concordia published by White Press.