Viral footage has emerged from a Norwegian Cruise Line ship off the coast Mexico, after a women’s mishap on the cruise ship’s slide was seen by many passengers of the ship and now 16 million  people on TikTok.

Rather than soaring over the sea, the passenger gets continuously stuck on the loop slide, failing to make it over the loop of the slide three times, before being left to do nothing but look down at the sea.

YMG_Travels who posted the TikTok revealed that there is a side door in the slide to get out passengers in these circumstances, meaning the woman was okay.

While many comments were simply amused, plenty more wrote that watching the video was rather a realisation of their worst fears.

“I would have a panic attack,” read one of the comments.

Another viewer wrote: “My heart rate accelerated watching this. Stuck in a clear tube suspended over the ocean … NOPE!!!”

A further comment read: “I’m telling you this right now… This would’ve been my greatest anxiety attack the world has ever seen. The way I screamed just watching this video…”



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