Scenic have released the much-anticipated first images of the Scenic Eclipse submarine, Scenic Neptune, taking a dive in the Caribbean during its inaugural season.

Pilot Remy Izendooren has been charged with the task of successfully steering the sub during the 300 metre dive, and also capturing images of excited guests on board.

What makes this submarine so special? The custom built U-Boat Worx Cruise Submarine’s acrylic spheres are constructed from a material which has the same refraction index as seawater, which means the barrier visually disappears underwater, providing an open and spacious feeling.

Scenic Neptune – Pilot Remy Izendooren

Scenic Neptune has internal climate control as well as a surround sound audio system. The craft is specially commissioned to meet international design standards, offering optimal comfort with maximum legroom and headroom.

Getting in and out of the submarine has been made easier through a deck and optimum human engineering, such as ergonomically designed handles. Once inside, guests seat themselves in one of the two three-person pods, one each at the front and back, and can enjoy views of their complete surrounding from chairs that are mounted on a 280-degree swivelling platform. The craft is also fitted with strong exterior lights that will allow guests to take in full detail of the underwater sights.

Scenic Neptune – Trident Wall, Port Antonio

A chat with the pilot, Remy Izendooren:

With a passion for adventure and discovery, Remy Izendooren has worked on 62 passenger ships and charter yachts, visiting the Seychelles, Adriatic Sea, Greenland, Greece, Malta, Côte d’Azur, Antarctica and Chile. He shares his deep sea insights…

Tell us about your role as Senior Submarine Operations Officer

From selecting dive sites and organizing permits, to rinsing the sub with fresh water after a long day of diving, I am responsible for all aspects of the submarine operations on board Scenic Eclipse. The real highlight for me is sharing the subsea wonders of the world with our guests. Volcanic pinnacles, sheer walls, majestic wrecks, a wide diversity of marine life and beautiful reefs all lie waiting to be discovered.

Scenic Neptune – taking a dive

Where is your favourite dive location and why?

The world has a myriad of spectacular dive sites waiting for us to explore, from sunken wrecks and vibrant tropical reefs to a sea floor teeming with life in Antarctica.

My personal wish list includes:

  • Stryìtan Hydrothermal Field in Eyjafjör›ur, Northern Iceland
  • Half Moon Cay Wall, south-east of Lighthouse Reef atoll in Belize
  • Wreck of HMHS Britannic, sister ship of the infamous Titanic, in the Aegean Sea

How do you describe the experience of going in a submarine to a guest?

Diving with our submarine is an ‘out of this world’ experience.

Scenic Neptune – Trident Wall, Port Antonio

What is the best guest feedback you have ever received?

I have had the honour to be a part of many people’s first-ever experience of being underwater. To me it’s all about people and their genuine reactions and emotions. The best feedback is not always given verbally. I will never forget the lady that fell asleep during the ascent after an incredible dive to the Antarctic seafloor. After I woke her at the surface she told me that she was so relaxed from the serene setting and exploring the dream-like, underwater world that she dozed off.

What’s the biggest challenge in piloting a submarine in a range of different oceans and climates?

Modern submersibles are without doubt the safest way to dive into the heart of our oceans. Our seven-person submarine will be taking guests to the furthest reaches of remote regions and therefore safety is paramount. In ensuring safety with no compromise, above all else we had to establish self-sufficiency in our contingency plans.

Scenic Neptune – on a 300 metre dive

Scenic Neptune adventures on offer in 2020 are available on the following itineraries:

Antarctica In Depth

12 Days – Buenos Aires to Buenos Aires

Departs Various Dates in February, March 2020

Priced from $18,580 pp

Antarctica, South Georgia and Falkland Islands

20 Days – Buenos Aires to  Buenos Aires

Departs Various Dates in February, March 2020

Priced from $30,740 pp

What can guests enjoy with the Scenic Neptune?

From sunken wrecks, marine and biological reserves to a sea floor teeming with life in Antarctic, Scenic Neptune can provide guests a unique experience as the craft journeys through the ocean’s depths.

*Activities are subject to weather conditions, permit approvals and guest weight restrictions, incur additional costs and are subject to availability depending on demand.