The stunning and talented Dame Helen Mirren will be the godmother of the new Scenic Eclipse, the line’s first ever expedition ship.

She will be christening the ship in New York on September 10 at the official ceremony, after which, the Scenic Eclipse will be sailing on itineraries to the polar regions, Europe, the Americas as well as the Caribbean.

It’s not the Oscar-winner’s first foray into cruising – she has also been the godmother of P&O’s Ventura which she christened in 2008.

Godmother’s are an important part of maritime traditions, and even today, ships will not sail without an official christening. They are said to bring good luck for future sailings.

“Scenic Eclipse is a unique ship that requires an equally unique person to act in this role,” Glen Moroney, founder and chief executive of Scenic told The Telegraph UK.

“Dame Helen Mirren’s style, beauty and spirit of adventure are true to those embodied in the design and ethos of Scenic Eclipse. Combined with the international acclaim as one of the world’s finest actresses, Helen Mirren makes the perfect godmother to figuratively preside over the ship and bring good fortune.”

The Scenic Eclipse’s maiden voyage has been pushed back several times after the line encountered problems with the Croatian shipyard which was constructing the vessel.

The maiden voyage was originally due to take place in August 2018, but the Uljanik shipyard ran into financial woes which resulted in worker strikes after their salaries were not paid.

She is now due to sail on August 15 from Reykjavik to Quebec, nearly a year later than planned. But many cruise industry experts are excited by the launch of what is billed as the ‘World’s First Discovery Yacht’.

“I am very honoured to have been chosen as the Godmother to such a beautiful vessel as Scenic Eclipse,” said Dame Helen Mirren.

“She will have many adventures and a wonderful life as she transports her guests in immaculate style and great safety to beautiful places.”

The ship will have 114 suites, 10 dining options as well as a gym, yoga studio as well as two six-person helicopters and one six-person submarine.