Australia is one of the fastest growing cruise economy in the world, with more than a million Aussies cruising in 2014, that’s nearly 4.2 percent of the total national population. Expectedly, growth in cruising sector also means more demand for travel insurance.  With large number of sea days in the itinerary, all cruise liners and travel agents encourage guests to take a medical cover.

Travel Insurance Fast Facts

  • In a survey commissioned by Fast Cover insurance company in 2014, 41 percent of Australian travellers chose not to buy insurance.
  • Incidentally in 2015, accidents aboard cruises have proved to be the biggest pay outs claimed by travellers. Fast Cover released figures in December 2015 and found that cruise related accidents featured in top ten expensive claims.

For example Fast Cover shelled out $190,000 for treatment of a 70 year old women from Sydney who injured her spine after falling from bed during a cruise to South America.

75 year old Nicholas Coroneos took a Pacific Island cruise to celebrate his wedding anniversary but had an unfortunate slip in the water and broke his leg. He was flown from Port Vila to Sydney after spending two nights in the ship’s medical unit, the entire $24,000 cost was covered by insurance.

“Before the trip I was moaning about the cost of insurance which was $277.”

“You certainly wouldn’t be without it on a cruise, because it costs the earth to see a ship’s doctor, about $150 to $200,” Mr Nicholas told the Sun Herald.

Importance of Travel Insurance on a cruise

Cruise holiday insurance policies cost more compared to others due to high medical fees charged. “Hospitalisation costs on board can be as much as $5,000 a day and consultations, treatments and medications are charged at private rates,” Mr Dean Van Es, CEO of Fast Cover told Sun Herald.

“Repatriation costs from ports overseas back to Australia can be tens of thousands of dollars.”

“You can never guarantee you won’t experience an unexpected emergency,” Mr Van Es said.

A standard consultation with an onboard doctor could cost $95 in addition to the cost of medicines.