The Zika virus health warnings continue to affect travel itineraries around the world. In a news report by ABC, Zika virus has been discovered in Australian travellers returning from South America.

Leading cruise liners Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line serving in Latin America and the Caribbean are concerned about the health warnings, allowing pregnant women and their companions to change itineraries away from destinations affected by Zika virus.

Cruise lines are also offering a cruise credit up to two years to passengers or switch in itineraries according a report by Reuters

Royal Caribbean will assist any pregnant women who do not feel comfortable sailing to countries affected with the Zika virus by providing alternate itinerary options,” said RCL’s official statement.

Cruise liners are also providing more information about Zika Virus.

What’s Zika Virus

The mosquito born Zika virus causes brain damage, leading to a condition called microcephaly in new born babies, because their mothers were bitten during their pregnancy.