Princess Cruises have announced a new premium add-on package that includes top-shelf drinks, multi-device WiFi, specialty dining and more to lure cruisers back to he sea.

The premium cruise line has massive savings on its Princess Plus and Princess Premier packages. The Princess Plus package includes a Plus Beverage Package where guests can get drinks worth up to $16 each as well as WiFi. While the new Princess Premier package includes a Premier Beverage Package where guests can get drinks worth up to $22, WiFi, two specialty dining meals per guest as well as a photo package.
The line has massive savings where guests will pay $50 per day on the Princess Plus package, while the Princess Premier package costs just $85 per day and is worth $167 per day.
Other lines like Celebrity Cruises have also bundled inclusions like specialty dining, WiFi and beverages to compete with the growing interest in luxury and upper premium cruise lines.

Is a drinks package worth it?

As far as whether a drinks package is worth it, it’s going to come down to who you’re sailing with and how much you’re planning on drinking. It is also might be worth considering if you already have any on-board credit and if you’re planning to put some of that towards beverages. 

It’s also important to be aware that on most cruise lines, you cannot share drinks from your drinks package with those who haven’t purchased it themselves. Meaning it wouldn’t be possible to buy one package between two and simply order for you both. 

You might also want to consider the length of your cruise, while some lines won’t offer drink packages on shorter cruises anyway, if you are on a longer cruise it might be less likely that you sustain a high enough level of drinking to get value from the package. 

Another thing to do is to keep an eye out for discounted drinks package or deals that include a drinks package, which might help you get a more reasonably priced package and make it worth your while even if you’re not a big drinker.

Finally, it’s also worth sussing the rules of the ship, as many will allow you to bring alcohol on-board, meaning drinks at the bars won’t be the only alcohol you’ll have a chance to enjoy.

We find out who includes drinks packages in their sailings and what’s available.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises 

Fresh off announcing their 2025 world cruise, a luxurious cruise with Regent Seven Seas Cruises will include mixed drinks, wine, beer and coffee without an extra dime appearing on your bill. You’ll also have a mini-bar in your stateroom that will be constantly restocked with beer, soft drinks and water. 

The Regent experience involves free-flowing drinks.


The all-inclusive alcohol won’t take long to kick in on a Seabourn cruise, with complimentary champagne there to welcome you and then the drinks will keep coming. Even premium wine and spirits will be all yours, as well as a fully stocked mini-bar in your room. 


Whether your Scenic cruise is traversing an ocean or winding its way through a river, expect wine, beer and spirits all free from extra charges. You’ll also have a fully stocked mini-bar and may even be treated to special regional wines depending on where you cruise.

Silversea Cruises 

Coated in luxury, a Silversea cruise will have you sorted for whatever boozing or other sipping you desire, with wines, premium spirits, juices, soft drinks and more all included. Your mini-bar will also be restocked on request.


Also a guarantee whether in open ocean or romantic rivers is house wines, beers and soft drinks on a Viking cruise. Although they are only served with lunches and dinners. Furthermore, if you’re wanting to keep the spirits flowing as well, you’ll need to purchase the silver spirits package for $27 ($20USD) per day.

On-board refreshments.


Major line drinks packages*

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises offer beverage packages for $86.99 per day, available on cruises of eight nights or longer and covering drinks up to the value of $16. This will of course include alcoholic drinks. 

For something more modest you can opt for the Premier Coffee & Soda Package, for $29.99 per day, that will include premium coffees and tea, hot chocolate, fresh juices, frappes and so on. 


The first trick to getting a P&O drinks package is to pre-purchase it, as purchasing it once on-board can be considerably more expensive. You can also only purchase drink packages on cruises of seven days or more. 

P&O’s leading package ‘The Lot’ will set you back $95 a day if pre-purchased and includes beer, cider, wine, cocktails and spirits, but only up to the value of $15. 

You can also opt for the Premium Beverage Package, at $79 per day if pre purchased, which is similar but will only cover you up to drinks the price of $12. 

For something simpler, the refreshment drinks package runs you $19 per day with soft drinks, bottled water, juice, mocktails, espresso, T2 teas and more included. There’s also a soft drink only option for $7 per day. 

Royal Caribbean 

Royal Caribbean has one alcoholic drinks package available which is the Deluxe Beverage Package. Prices will differ depending on where you’re sailing, but you can expect to pay between $80 and $120 per day. You’ll have cocktails, spirits, beer wine and more included but only up to the value of $17 ($12 USD). 

If you are considering a Royal Caribbean drinks package, you might want to try this tip from Royal Caribbean Blog. This essentially involves purchasing a drinks package early to lock in the price, but if there sales later, you can refund your initial cost and purchase on the sale price. 

Royal Caribbean also requires that if one person in a room orders the deluxe package, then all other people over 21 in the room must also purchase it, to prevent sharing. However, if you find yourself in circumstances where you want to purchase the package but there is a non-drinker in the room, you may have to call Royal Caribbean and inform them of the circumstances. Though, the non-drinker will still need to purchase the cheaper refreshments package. 

Carnival Cruises Australia

Carnival does not offer any alcoholic drinks packages on cruises out of Australia. There is the ‘Bottomless Bubbles’ package that will get you unlimited soft drinks and juice for $8.25 per day. 

However, on international sailings, the CHEERS! package can be purchased for $59.95USD plus an 18% gratuity, which covers you for beers, wines, spirits, coffee, juice and so on.

Norwegian Cruise Line 

Norwegian Cruise Line has a few different packages available on their ships, however, it’s worth nothing that most of their current booking deals include a free beverage package, including all spirits, cocktails, wines, craft beer, juice, soda and more. 

This is a great deal as generally the Premium Beverage Package would set you back $120USD per day, plus an extra $20USD gratuity each day. This covers drinks up to $15USD, and for another $28, you can raise that cap to $20. 

Celebrity Cruises 

Celebrity Cruises have three different drink packages. For $45USD a day ($62AUD), you can cover yourself for drinks up to $6USD. The classic beverage package costs $59 a day ($82AUD), and will cover you up to $9USD, and then the premium package is $69 ($96AUD a day), covering drinks up to $13 a serving, as well as a discount of 20% on bottles of wine.

*Prices subject to change