Australian travellers are one winner of the British decision to leave the European Union, with the travel industry saying book a flight now.

Haydn Long a spokesperson from Flight Centre, said while it is still to early to tell how Brexit will affect travel, he said that it is a good time to head to the United Kingdom.

“A stronger dollar against the pound will be a drawcard for many Australian travellers and combined with the lowest airfare prices in years, makes it a very attractive time to travel to Britain,” said Mr Long.

For travellers, economists are forecasting the Australian dollar to strengthen against the British pound but lose momentum against the US dollar.

CommSec senior economist Craig James told that currency strategists at the Commonwealth Bank believe the dollar will fall against the greenback but rise over eight per cent against the pound.

It’s being reported that the British pound fell by 10.60c against the US dollar, taking it as low as $1.33.04 – the lowest level since 1985.

The Australian dollar has followed suit, tracking the pound to fall 2.9% to 73.8 US

“Tourists would still come from Europe and the UK to Australia and Australians would continue to travel to Europe and the UK,” said Mr James. “Trade would continue as normal.”

Some tourism experts believe that Australians may need an extra visa when the UK separated from the EU.