Aurora Expeditions has christened its latest innovative ship, Greg Mortimer, in a ceremony set against the snow-capped mountains of Ushuaia in Argentina.

Godmother to the ship, Margaret Mortimer, smashed a ceremonial piece of Antarctic ice against the world’s first passenger expedition ship featuring the Ulstein X-Bow.

The inverted bow design enables the ship to cut waves with greater stability, providing passengers with a steadier journey.

“The Greg Mortimer is set to completely transform the experience the world’s heaviest seas, particularly the Drake Passage,” the company said.

Margaret Mortimer is the wife of explorer and co-founder of Aurora Expeditions, Greg Mortimer who the ship is named after.

The ceremony marked the start of a new era for the company and sets a new standard for the expedition cruise industry.

“We are excited to invite guests to experience Mother Nature at her best and visit the most remote areas in the world, all whilst in the refined and relaxed comfort of the Greg Mortimer.

“Integral to Aurora Expeditions’ DNA is sustainability and the preservation of natural areas and that is showcased in the design of the Greg Mortimer with anchorless technology and reduced emissions.

“With our small expedition ships, lower environmental impact and improved comfort, Aurora Expeditions really is leading the way in expedition cruising,” said Robert Halfpenny, managing director of the company.