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British cruise line Fred Olsen made history last week when its 22.5m ship, the Braemar became the largest ship to squeeze through the Corinth Canal in Greece.

New video and photos show the 900-passenger ship, which is 25 metres at its widest point and over 195 metres long, only narrowly pass through this iconic destination.

The ship passed through with only 1.5 metres on either side.

Ships have been travelling through the narrow waterways since 1893 but the Braemar has claimed the title of longest vessel to pass.

“Today Braemar made history as the longest-ever ship to cruise through the Corinth Canal,” Fred Olsen cruise liners said on social media.

The Corinth Canal is a waterway connecting the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf, dividing the Pelopónnisos from mainland Greece, shortening the sea route from Italian ports to the port of Athens.


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