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U by Uniworld, the line that boasted it was for millennials only, has…well…performed a bit of a U turn.

Launching next month, Uniworld is set to abandon its original age limits of 21 to 45, and opening all of its sailings to all adult cruisers.

U by Uniworld is an offshoot of the luxury line Uniworld, and made much of its tilt at the youth marekt with rooftop excursions of Paris, silent discos, craft cocktails and other millennial-focused offerings.

The line’s two 120-passenger ships, The A and The B, are plainted black with modern décor and spaces that focused on hanging out, such as communal dining tables and a lounge on the top deck.

U by Uniworld insists the age changes won’t make a difference.

“Originally, U was very specific in defining its target market, but has learned that the experience is less about a number and more about attracting a new generation of adult travelers to river cruising,” said a spokesperson.

The change in U by Uniworld’s booking policies, however, casts doubt on whether millennials can fill an entire river cruise ship.

What do you think?  Was Uniworld right to remove the age restriction?


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