Which lines are cruising in Europe – all you need to know

While much of the world remains firmly closed to leisure travel, or is still in the grip of COVID, Europe’s cruise industry is emerging, blinking, into the late summer sunshine. It’s been a bumpy ride […]

WORDS BY Sue Bryant . Sep 11 2020

My Kimberley coast cruise secrets, by Australia’s best known expedition leader

Australia’s Kimberley coast has a magnetic effect. Once you’ve visited, you’ll long to return to discover –  what lies in the next bay, what awaits at the end of the next gorge or what secrets […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . May 1 2020

How much does it take to feed a 6,000 passenger ship?

Cruise ships of the future look set to carry up to 10,000 passengers, not even including the crew. That’s a city at sea…and a lot of mouths to feed. How do these ships feed several […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Oct 17 2019

The man who creates Ponant expeditions tells us how he does it

Nicolas Dubreuil is a polar-regions specialist and head of Expeditions at PONANT. He tells us how much care goes into creating visits to remote parts of our planet. Q: Why is it important to take […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Oct 8 2019

What is life like on the world’s longest cruise on Viking Sun?

It’s two weeks into the world’s longest cruise on the Viking Sun and we find out from Australian couple, Roger Foenander and David Mutton, just what it’s like to be aboard. The record breaking 245-day […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Sep 12 2019

How I survived a $59,000 heart attack five days from port

Frank Armstrong was five days from the nearest port when he suffered a heart attack  halfway between Australia and America. The 81-year old, who was travelling with his wife Leah,  was immediately admitted to the […]

WORDS BY Teresa Ooi . Aug 15 2019

The National Geographic Photographer who is out to save the world

Wildlife photographer, Jason Edwards, has one of the biggest image portfolios at National Geographic and has been at the forefront of natural history photography for more than two decades. The gregarious, award-winning photographer from Melbourne […]

WORDS BY Teresa Ooi . Aug 13 2019

Why David Stratton loves Singing in the Rain

It’s a cruise to Antarctica with a distinct difference – film critic David Stratton will be on board Celebrity Eclipse to showcase some favourite movies and add a little of his encyclopedic knowledge. Why do […]

WORDS BY Peter Lynch . Jun 12 2019