Crew members from around the world are heading to Singapore to start sailing again. And they couldn’t be happier.

Dream Cruises which will start sailing on November 6 with World Dream has already booked out its inaugural sailing. The staff, mainly from the Philippines have spent two weeks in quarantine onboard the ship.

Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas, which will start sailing on December 1, will also quarantine their crew for 14 days in their balcony staterooms onboard the technologically advanced ship.

Both lines are offering two- and three- day cruises onboard their mega-ships, at reduced capacity with fewer numbers of crew in December.

Royal Caribbean lighting technician, Riley Tench is documenting his return to Quantum of the Seas on YouTube. He said he is still excited to return to the ship despite being stuck on the ship with no way home for just over 100 days earlier this year.

In his most recent video, he said: “I’m literally just signing up to get stuck on this cruise ship again for five months which is kind of crazy when I say it out loud but whatever guys, I’m excited.”

According to Mr Tench, Royal Caribbean crew will not leave the ship between cruises and must remain on board for the entirety of their contract, a different approach to Dream Cruises which is employing mostly residents of Singapore on shorter than usual contracts for greater flexibility.

Michael Goh, President of Dream Cruises said: “Historically, international crew on cruise ships have to work for eleven months with a one-month vacation. As World Dream operates short two- and three-nights cruises, Singaporeans joining as crew can work on the ship with shorter work arrangements that could allow them to see their families frequently. This will make it very attractive for Singaporeans who have lost their jobs in the travel industry during this pandemic”.

Mr Tench, during his video apologised that currently only residents of Singapore are able to sail with Royal Caribbean but alluded to more cruises soon coming on to the market shortly.

“If you’re from the United States or literally anywhere that is not Singapore I’m sorry there are no Royal Caribbean cruises that you can actually get on yet, I have heard that, that will probably change in the near future but I don’t have anything concrete to tell you guys about that yet,” he said.