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New 2018 Guide

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From August 2015, cruise passengers will finally be able to to take a new ferry service from the city to White Bay Cruise Terminal.

The 15-minute ferry service will be operated by Captain Cook Cruises, which has installed Beatrice Bush – the first Sydney Harbour mobile passenger terminal pontoon – at White Bay.

Anthony Haworth, General Manager of Captain Cook Cruises, told Cruise Critic the installation of Beatrice Bush will be put to good use.

“The cruise market has been crying out for a ferry service for a long time, but one has not been possible due to the lack of docking facilities for ferries. With the construction of Beatrice Bush complete, we can now not only operate our convenient charter ferry service from the city direct to White Bay, but use Beatrice Bush all over the harbour.”

Beatrice Bush will initially be stationed at Glebe Island for the Sydney International Boat Show and afterwards will move to her permanent home at White Bay.

In the wet season, the service will be timed to coincide with all cruise ship arrivals and departures.


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