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New 2018 Guide

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On Cruise Passenger’s Facebook page, a fascinating discussion started up recently about what isn’t already on a cruise ship that should be. For one cruise fan it was using mobile phones or walkie-talkies on big ship’s. This is something which could be handy if you are trying to track down your missing husband or kids, but could also prove highly unpopular with those of us who want to escape from hearing another person’s loud, one-sided and unwanted conversation.

Another suggestion of interest was facilities for pets, largely canines. You don’t have to think too hard to come up with some reasons why this simply wouldn’t work, but as a number of hotels, resorts and B&B’s are becoming “dog friendly” it’s a fair point for a dog lover to ask.

Doing a bit of research myself, it got me thinking not so much about what cruise ships of today don’t have as what they do have. For many cruise ships twenty years ago, a gym was often an inside cabin in the bowels of the ship possessing a single treadmill, possibly and exercise bike, and if you were lucky, maybe a few free weights. Today there are state-of-art-fitness facilities afloat which would rival many found on land.

Ditto spas. Twenty years, ago when I took my first cruise I don’t even think the ship I cruised on had a spa. Today, on new ships they take pride of position, boasting ocean views, with Thalassotherapy pools, relaxation rooms and even a places where couples can be massaged together!

And when it comes to entertainment, on über-liners in particular, gone are the days when the night’s fun was in the hands of the kind of two-piece band which you could see just as easily in your local RSL. Besides Vegas and Broadway-style shows, some cruise lines are hiring high profile entertainers to come on board and wow their guests, such as Taylor Swift on the new Allure of the Seas early next year.

Undoubtedly times have changed in the world of cruising, and some of the innovations  which exist on cruise ships today are mind boggling. So what’s still missing? A favourite of mine would be a Nespresso machine in my stateroom so I can satisfy my caffeine fix daily without hassle – on some ships it can take a week to explain to sea faring baristas that a double espresso means double strength, not super-sized. And if we have to have television on board, a news channel other than CNN or Fox would be more global and interesting.

As for the mobile phone thing, well I for one wish they could be banned on board altogether. For one, a good to reason to cruise is to get away from it all and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet on the high seas. And as I’ve discovered, sometimes it can be a good thing to be incommunicado….at least for a while. Happy cruising!


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