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New 2018 Guide

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The number of New Zealanders taking cruises has swelled by a record 36% compared to 2009, according to new International Cruise Council Australasia (ICCA) statistics.

“Cruising is booming all over the world and New Zealand is very much part of the growth story,” Brett Jardine, general manager of the ICCA, told a media conference in Auckland today.

The latest ICCA statistics show that one per cent of New Zealand’s population (42,886 people) cruised in 2010, up 36% on last year’s figures and a 62% increase from 2006 when 26,510 passengers sailed away on cruises.

In terms of destinations, the ICCA statistics show that 54% of the cruising public cruised in local waters – the South Pacific was the most popular destination attracting 42%, followed by Australia with 9% and New Zealand with 3%.

Meanwhile, 20% cruised in Europe, 5% in Alaska and 6% chose a river cruise.

Stay tuned for the release of the ICCAs Australian cruise statistics on April 4…


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