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New 2018 Guide

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Cruise Passenger Magazine coverCunard’s QM2 Captain Kevin Oprey walks on water on the cover of Cruise Passenger magazine’s autumn issue.

On newsstands today, the stunning image captures the sheer magnitude of the world’s largest cruise liner, as she towers over the man in charge.

Taken a mile off the coast of Benoa Harbour, Bali, Captain Oprey is seen standing on QM2’s bulbous bow she is floating at sea.

“It’s quite a unique idea.”

Cruise Passenger chief photographer, James Morgan said the image is a one of a kind.

“Nobody has ever thought about filming the Captain on the bulbous bow before,” he explained.

“It’s quite a unique idea.”

Setting up the shot was no easy task and much of it relied on a clear sky and still waters.

Captain Oprey said he is proud of the picture and the ship.

“When I was left alone on the bow everything was very quiet. It was almost like an eerie silence,” he explained.

“I was there by myself and I was actually facing ahead so I couldn’t see what was behind me.”

Check out the video below to see how James set up the shoot and captured the perfect image for Cruise Passenger’s autumn issue.

This edition features a special report on the hippest Emirates capital, Dubai; a 19-page river cruising special; a look into the best spas at sea and much more.

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