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New 2018 Guide

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Australian cruising will be changed forever with the arrival of Voyager of the Seas in Sydney on November 22, 2012, according to RCL Cruises Australia.

“Australian cruising has grown remarkably in the last three years but we are delivering the greatest quantum leap when Voyager of the Seas arrives here in 12 months.  Cruising on Voyager of the Seas really is a destination in itself,” says Adam Armstrong, commercial manager, RCL Cruises Australia.

She will be based in Sydney for a five-month season from November 2012 and will sail12 New Zealand, South Pacific and Australia itineraries, ranging from one to 18 nights, sailing from Sydney and Fremantle.

With a capacity for 3,840 passengers, Voyager of the Seas will be the biggest ship to be based in the region and boasts features that you’d traditionally have to travel to America or Europe to experience. Some of these include an onboard ice-rink, an indoor ‘street’ the length of a football field lined with restaurants, bars and entertainment, and cabins within the ship that have a view.


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