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The ban on large ships sailing in the Venice lagoon has been suspended as the Italian government and cruise lines work out alternative routes.

The suspension will continue until an appeal hearing by Venezia Terminal Passegerri to the regional administrative court, which is scheduled for June 12.

The ban was designed to reduce water traffic in Venice and restrict vessels weighing over 96,000 tonnes from crossing the Giudecca canal. It was originally expected to start in November 2014, but last month it was been postponed until 1 January 2015.

Since January this year, there has also been a 20 percent reduction in the number of vessels weighing more than 40,000 tonnes sailing in the Venice lagoon.

Despite the suspension, cruise lines have already started planning alternative routes for their larger ships. Celebrity Cruises plans to swap its 122,400 tonnes Celebrity Silhouette with the 91,000 tonnes Celebrity Constellation in 2015.

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