Princess Cruises recently unveiled a dedicated whisky bar onboard Dawn Princess, featuring whiskies from all over the world.

We got in touch with some of the Aussie brands behind the bar to find out their favourite whisky-based cocktails.


Lark Distillery, Hobart, Tasmania

Old Fashioned

50ml Lark Single Malt Whisky (43%)

2 dashes Angostura bitters

1 splash water

1 tsp sugar

1 maraschino cherry

1 orange wedge

Limeburners, Albany, Western Australia

Whisky Sour

60ml whisky

30ml lemon juice

30ml sugar syrup

Shake and serve on rocks in sugared glass

Garnish maraschino cherry, lemon rind and orange slice

Old Fashioned

slice of orange peel

1 marashino cherry

1 tablespoon sugar syrup

2-3 drops of whisky bitters

50ml whisky

Shake and serve on rocks

Garnish with a twist of lemon peel

Hellyers Road Distillery, Havenview, Tasmania

Dear Henry

30ml Hellyers Road Distillery 10, 12 year or NAS Original Single Malt

100ml ginger beer (or lemonade)

Fresh fruit diced and sliced – lemon/lime, orange, mint, apple

Ice, to measure

Mix the ingredients, stir and serve

Slow Road Home

30ml Hellyers Road Distillery Pinot Noir Finish Single Malt

100ml freshly squeezed orange juice

20ml maraschino liqueur

20ml sweet vermouth

Shake the mix through ice and strain into a chilled tall glass. Garnish with orange and cherries.

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