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For most people, myself included, it’s important to budget your vacation spending.  The fare cost of a cruise is only the beginning.  If fortunate enough to be embarking and disembarking from your home port, this makes budgeting a lot easier, for your only additional costs are extras on board and optional tours.

Extras on board may include souvenirs, hairdressing, spa treatments, photographs, hopefully not medical treatment and some of the many delights offered from shops on board, not to mention duty free temptations of alcohol, perfume, watches and the like.  We must not forget shore excursions that can run up to many hundreds of dollars, especially if travelling with a family.

As most cruises do not leave from one’s home port, there is the cost of air travel to get to your embarkation point, plus, if you follow my advice when sailing from a faraway port of always staying the night before in a hotel, there are room and meal costs, not forgetting taxis to and from airports, hotels and the ship.

Don’t want to frighten you off cruising but it is really important to draw up a budget before travelling to avoid any unpleasant financial surprises.