Discoveries on your doorstep
with Cruise & Maritime Voyages

With so many overseas holiday options to choose from, we often forget to enjoy what we have on our doorstep. With a range of itineraries and destinations to choose from, a cruise from your hometown can be a great way to enjoy a relaxing, great-value holiday without any of the stress.

Value for money
While at first glance a land-based holiday might seem like great value, once you consider the level of inclusivity on most cruises most people are pleasantly surprised. Many include all main meals, accommodation, transport between places of interest as well as onboard entertainment, you can really enjoy some fantastic value. And when you are cruising from your hometown, you can also save on flight costs, airport and even port transfers by opting to drive yourself to the port, catching public transport or convincing a generous friend or family member to drive you.

Less stress
Though for some being able to organise absolutely everything from start to finish is their ideal way to travel, for others, being able to relax as everything is arranged for you is the ultimate way to unwind. From only having to check-in and unpack once, and not having to worry about luggage weight restrictions, to being whisked away from one port of interest to the while you sleep, cruising is certainly an easy way to holiday. Better still, when you cruise from your hometown, you don’t need to worry about delayed or missed flights, overnight stays and airport transfers; just wake up and arrive. Simple.

A world of possibilities
Australian’s are known the world over for being good travellers, but we are often guilty of not exploring our own backyard thoroughly enough, missing out on some incredible hidden gems along the way. While it can sometimes be a daunting task tackling the journey to some of these off-the-beaten-path places by road, by sea it is much easier and faster. And with a range of itineraries to choose from, when cruising from your hometown you can always find something to suit you – whether that’s a week-long getaway, a weekend break or an overnight escape.

Offering a wide variety of great-value Australian itineraries cruising out of Fremantle and Adelaide, Cruise & Maritime Voyages provides guests with relaxed, comfortable style of cruise experience, aboard intimate ships. To find out more, call 1300 307 934, visit CMVAustralia.com or contact your preferred travel professional.