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Luxury line Seabourn took no chances with the safety of their passengers and organised armed guards and police escorts while guests visited hot spots in Egypt.

So while passengers were taking in the sites of Luxor and Karnak which have seen four years of military unrest, guests could feel at ease with protection by their side.

An armed guard was aboard all tour buses leaving the lavish Seabourne Odyssey en route for the port of Hurghada to the Red Sea.

And passengers who were keen for a snorkel in the Red Sea were escorted by the police for the five-minute walk to the bus to the ship.

Since the removal of President Mohammed Morsi in 2013, many cruisers and travellers have cancelled their trips to Egypt.

According to Egypt’s tourism minister, Hisham Zaazou, the country is battling to recover after what he described as the industry’s ‘worst year in modern history’.

On some days, there are only a handful of tourists who visit The Valley of the Kings. In 2010, thousands of tourists would wait hours to visit the burial place of Tutankhamun.

Now, only five tourist ships operate along the Nile compared to the 250 that once sailed down its waters.

Over the past two years, lines like Azamara and Royal Caribbean have cancelled calls to Egyptian waters.


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