New 2018 Guide

New 2018 Guide

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Die hard Rugby fans cruising with P&O and Cunard will not be disappointed over the coming weeks. All 10 ships in their fleets will be bringing the action onboard, screening a total of 24 matches in sporting bars, pubs and other venues.

“The Rugby World Cup is of great interest to many of our passengers and we’re pleased that nobody will miss out by being on holiday with us throughout this time,” said Paul Wright, Carnival UK entertainment services general manager. “At any one time we could have more than 19,000 passengers on board and rooting for one of the Four Nations to bring home the trophy”.

According to Wright, the ships will also be decorated and officers and crew will get behind the teams and celebrate with the passengers.

“It should be a fantastic way to witness this great sporting event,” he said.

Where would you prefer to watch a match, at home or on one of these cruise ships?


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