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Famous ocean liner has failed to meet America’s CDC standards.

U.S. health agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted a surprise inspection of Queen Mary 2 in New York on June 10, the results of which led the agency to label the ship’s hygiene as unsatisfactory.

Dirty water in a splash pool, a hair in an ice-making machine, chemicals stored near napkins, paper cups and utensils and cockroaches near a restaurant resulted in a score of 84 out a 100. A ship needs to score over 86 to be considered satisfactory.

The agency found a total of 60 hygiene violations, which is surprising considering the ship passed with flying colours last July scoring a high 98.

CDC conducts two surprise hygiene exams a year and the ship has passed all previous tests, even scoring a perfect 100 on three occasions.

In a statement, Cunard spokesperson Jackie Chase said, “The poor assessment on 10 June resulted largely from one small area of the ship’s overall operation. All the issues raised in the report were immediately addressed and have now been corrected.”

Will this news affect the likelihood of you choosing to sail with Queen Mary 2 in the future?


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